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If someone were to ask Finn “How have you been?” he’s not exactly sure how he’d respond.

Well, if he were to respond truthfully. He’s figured out that you’re just supposed to say “fine” and get on with it, after a confusing blundering conversation with Henry soon after he first came in (in which he tried to explain that he wasn’t hurt, and couldn’t understand why that wasn’t the correct answer).

He has been mostly in his room these past weeks, or helping Henry with working on his boat or the repairs to his friend’s ship. Finn doesn’t know much about this process, so he mostly implements Henry’s instructions quietly and listens to his friend’s discourse on almost everything under the sun. It is, he knows, the man’s way of trying to make him feel comfortable. He appreciates it, though he does not often respond.

But that doesn’t answer the question, not really. It is like the world is a strange sort of dream that he’s experiencing from afar, except sometimes it gets too close and he has to lash out or hide. The loud, clashing noises that sometimes ring through the main bar make him think of attack and it does not scare him— but feeling his blood rise and avoiding crowds and keeping from turning and quieting the noise of raised voices and silverware and…

Well, he knows that isn’t right, or normal.

So he stays with Henry (whose name slipped out when he asked absentmindedly for something while they were working on his strange, flying boat and Finn didn’t realize until hours later that he’d actually remembered it) or away from people, at least, if he is not in his room.

That doesn’t answer the question, either. But Finn isn’t exactly sure what he could say that would.
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