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Name:Finn dan Shahar
When the wandering fire
Strikes the heart of stone
Will you follow?
Will you leave your home?
Will you leave your life?
Will you take The Longest Road?

Finn dan Shahar was the son of Vae and Shahar of Brennin, and the older brother of Darien. He was, for the most part, a normal, awkward fifteen year old boy, but when he broke from the norm he did it rather drastically. He was quietly loving, and his brother Dari was in canon said to be "all his joy". He once had a best friend named Leila, and she called him four times to what was an unknown destiny.

He is the child before them all.


Finn dan Shahar died in battle, though not from any swords. A personification of chaos and war, he was killed when he tried to prevent the apocalypse on Fionavar and would therefore spread to the rest of the worlds.

He succeeded, though he fell to his death.

Now Finn dan Shahar lives in Milliways, to all appearances a slight fifteen-year-old boy, polite with limbs a little too long for a frame he'll never grow into. He has a sword at his side, though he doesn't walk or look like a swordsman. He has a sketchbook in his hands, and that he clearly knows how to use.

Appearances are, after all, deceiving. Oh, yeah: he's probably the politest, sweetest, most adorable sociopath you'll ever meet. I'll try to warn you if things tread on shaky ground, but sometimes things happen suddenly with him--there are a couple characters who can and will intervene and we might have to pause for their muns to get on :).

[Finn looks to be about fourteen fifteen years old, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He's about 5'7. If you play a god that has something to do with the Wild Hunt or a psychic, please contact me on AIM at TLvop. Finn is pretty obviously abnormal to either of these. Thanks!

NOTE TO PUPS WHO CAN SENSE ALIVE/DEAD Finn "reads" as alive. It's a conditional aliveness, and depending on their sensitivity it might read "AS ALIVE BUT WEIRD" or maybe as in "strangely not seeking brains undead" but he is alive enough to live in other worlds. He was already dead and on his journey when he was re-embodied, so his body isn't his body it's something that was made for him to live in based on his spirit, and due to Hunt "scarring" on his spirit that's not aging past when he joined the hunt.

Yeah, I know, complicated.]

Finn dan Shahar is from The Fionavar Tapestry, and is the property of Guy Gavriel Kay. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. His PBs--Rory Jennings, Ryan Kelley, and Raviv Ullman--belong to themselves, too.
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